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Our Food:

flavor + health + heritage

 Optimal Quality / Nutrient Dense / Locally Sourced
Ancestrally Inspired / Beautifully Presented / Addictively Tasty

REAL FOOD is the foundation of a PRIMAL lifestyle.
How we nourish our bodies and make our food choices influences our ability to think, move, play, and connect with nature and each other.

At PRIMAL, we are uncompromising about quality:
All of our proteins and fats come from grass-fed, organic sources.
Our fish is wild.
Our produce is local, seasonal, and organic.
We properly prepare our nuts and seeds by soaking and sprouting, to ensure optimal bioavailability.
Our dairy is raw to preserve enzymes and living probiotic cultures.
You will NEVER see refined oils, sugars, or flours at PRIMAL – as we know there are so many healthier alternatives – that taste even better too!

We designed our menu around an ancestral template, meaning, we let science and nature be our muse.
If an ingredient wasn’t around thousands of years ago, we’ll find an alternative that was.

Our menu features approachable cuisine, rooted in soul and heritage.
We want everyone to feel welcome in our restaurant and genuinely STOKED about real food.

From foodies to athletes, and all in-between, there is something your taste buds and heart will crave at PRIMAL.


Additional Offerings:




In additional to our full menu, we also feature a specialty coffee bar featuring the local favorite Verve Coffee and a custom designed “Bulletproof” beverage program.
We offer beer and kombucha on 10 taps, gluten-free beer & low-glycemic wines, and a variety of local wines! Please see our drink list on our MENUS page.


An in-house market offering healthy, locally sourced snacks.